General requirements:

Scientific article, in accordance with the Resolution of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine No. 705/1 dated January 15, 2003 “On Increasing Requirements for Professional Editions Included in the Lists of HAC of Ukraine”, should consist of such structural elements:

  • problem statement in general terms and its connection with the important scientific or practical tasks;
  • analysis of recent research and publications in which the solution of the problem was initiated and the author bases on, the allocation of previously unresolved parts of the general problem, the article is devoted to;
  • formation of article goals (task statement);
  • presentation of the main materials with a full substantiation of received results;
  • conclusions from the research and prospects for further investigation in this area.

Technical requirements:

  • the article volume – 8 – 20 pages, A-4 format, typed in Microsoft Word editor.
  • text font – Times New Roman, size – 14, space lining – 1,5; all fields –
    20 mm;
  • if the article contains tables and (or) drawings then they should be compact, have a title, the font of text – Times New Roman, size 12. The mathematical formulas must be carefully checked and clearly printed. The number of tables, formulas and illustrations should be minimal and relevant. Drawings and tables on album pages are not accepted;
  • references to the sources should be made in the text in square brackets indicating the page numbers of the source. For example, [3, p. 234] or [2, p. 35; 8, p. 234].
  • List of References is at the end of the article in the order of citation of the sources in accordance with the existing standards of bibliographic description (see: the National Standard of Ukraine DSTU 8302: 2015 Information and documentation. Bibliographic reference. General principles and rules of composition”);
  • the article must contain summaries and key words in English, Russian and Ukrainian, translation of the article title into Ukrainian. In the summary it should be noted that the article is overview, scientific methodical or educational-methodical. Ukrainian summary should be expanded and include: author's surname and initials, title of the article, summary of the article with a minimum volume of 2000 characters.

 Publication language: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

  • The journal accepts the articles of Doctors and Candidates of Sciences, young scientists (postgraduate students, applicants, students), and other persons, who have higher education and are engaged in scientific activities.
  • The authors submit articles that are exclusively personal research which take into account with the rules of citation and references. The submission of knowingly false information or plagiarism is unacceptable and unethical. Additionally, only articles that have not been published in other journals are accepted for publication.
  • The editorial staff reserves the right to review, edit, reduce and reject articles.
  • The author is responsible for the reliability of facts, statistics and other information.
  • Reprinting (re-publishing) of materials is possible only due to permission of the author and editorial staff.